Hello, I'm looking at building a computer mainly for gaming. I want to be able to play minecraft on the highest settings with mods and texture packs with no lag what so ever, I will also be playing ARMA 2, and possibly WoW. I also might be recording with fraps. So I'd like to play all on the highest settings with no lag.
That's my build but I'm looking to save money.
(Case has changed by the way to Coolermaster Stormtrooper)

So If you guys could help me out, maybe subtracting things off of my computer build to save money or making a new part list all together would be much appreciated.

Purchase date: Month to 2

Budget range 800-1300

System usage Gaming, Recording, Browsing

Monitor Yes

OS Yes

(Windows 7 home premium)

Website Computer Canada, or Newegg (.Ca)

Location Ontario

Part preference : Intel core i5 3570k, Radeon, Asrock

Overclocking Future

Sli Future

Monitor 1920x1080

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  1. Get a 600w PSU. 750w is too much. You could do future Crossfire, but Minecraft and WoW don't need Crossfire. Also, get a cheaper case. The 500R and Phantom 410 are great cases.
  2. The one thing that NEEDS changing, is RAM. The high heat-sinks on CMZ will clash with cooler. Suggest you use Corsair CML, Crucial Ballistix Sport, or GSKill Ares.
    You don't need a huge case. A decent quality mid-tower is more than enough. Cases are a personal thing, but Corsair Carbide 500R, would be ideal.
    Everything else is well balanced. Overall, it is above your stated need, so you COULD drop performance, to save money. Build will happily play virtually ANY game at ultra settings.
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