Sapphire HD 7770 lag issue

Just got myself a Sapphire HD 7770,installed it on my MB as was mentioned in the manual,got everything running like it should with installing drivers off the CD which came with it,after all was done got GTA 4 installed and running but with a major lag issue which made it impossible to play,from my understanding of this particular GPU,it is more than capable of running a game like that hence I dont know how to get around this problem.I went according to the book as far as installing and running the thing is concerned as in disabling onboard graphics via BIOS,and I even tried to install the latest drivers from the Sapphire site which resulted in a situation where the computer went into restart mode and hung up at the Starting Windows screen,after repeatedly force starting it made no change in the situation and kept hanging on that.hence i removed the GPU altogether,would appreciate if anyone can shine a light on anything Iv overlooked,below are my specs

i5 2500k 3.3Ghz-3.6Ghz
4Gb Corsair RAM
Gigabyte H67-D2-b3 Motherboard
Sapphire HD 7770
1tb Seagate HDD
500w Cooler Master PSU
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  1. Did you try another game GTA4 is a horribly coded game? AMD would be the right source for drivers
    Try removing all AMD drivers and start again.
  2. make sure your using the pci video slot that near the cpu. make sure you have all the power plugs that the video card needs plugged in. make sure you installed the newest intel chipset drivers for the mb from intel. if not the pci bus wont work right.
    make sure in the bios you turn off the intel igpu or set the pci video as the first video device and have the video cables connected to it. if you do want to have both running make sure from intel chipset download you download the newest cpu video drivers. (there may be a bios menu setting to run both of them at the same time. ) when you turn on the ipgpu your going to use some of the system ram for the gpu video. one thing that may have been on the install cd-rom is this new mvp software that will bond both the gpu and ipgpu in games. this new software sometime is buggy it sometime works for people and sometimes dont. myself i removed it from my system and just running my gaming system from the gpu.
  3. 7770 will not max that game out, so what settings are you using?
  4. Alright guys,problem solved,was a driver issue after all,the stock drivers on the CD didnt work too well,and the drivers from Sapphire caused some major issues in my case,had to do a full cleanup job with CCleaner to get rid of them since a normal unistall didnt help,caused the pc to stall on startup, and then installed the drivers from the AMD which i should have done first but my bad,i thought since it was a Sapphire card then it be better to get the drivers from there,that was a big mistake ,well any way,things are running now not as smoothly though i think thats because im running a 32bit Win7 which hardly gets like 3.5gbs of the 4gb of ram,and after a few tweaks with the graphics settings it can be normalized,thats about it and thanks for the help it was much appreciated.
  5. Great to hear it is solved, enjoy!
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