Pentium D to i5

Hi , I'm thinking of buying a new budget gaming pc.

This is my current rig :

Intel Board D945GCCR
Intel Pentium D 3.0 Ghz 2MB cache
Kingston 1.5 GB RAM DDR2 800mhz
Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2
Samsung Hard Disk 160 GB SATAII
17" Monitor.

After doing some research , I think that this is the best buy:

Cooler Master Elite 350 with 500W PSU Link $68.00
Asrock H61M-PS2 $51.00
3.4 GHz - i5-3570 $219.00
Kingston DDR3-1333 4GB $25.00
Seagate 1TB ST31000524AS 7200RPM S-ATA III 32MB $77.00
total $440$
and of course I will add my old DVD-ROM to it.

Currently, I'm not planning to buy a new screen so I will stick to my 17" and

I play offline games like GTAIV, Skyrim, NFS Most Wanted, Far Cry 3.My goal is

to play them on ultra or high settings.

My question here is :
1-Do you advise me to buy it and use my old 9500GT with it or will it cause a

bottleneck and make it worse than my current pc ?if not recommend a VGA (I was

thinking of GeForce GTX 550Ti 1GB DDR5)

2-Do you think that, for future use, should I get the quad core i5 or switch

to an i3 instead for $119.00 ?

King Regards.
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  1. Err. Bottlenecks don't work that way. A bottleneck is when one part of your PC is too slow to completely utilize another part.

    For example:

    CPU bottleneck: You have a major, super duper fast graphics card, and a slow processor in comparison. The processor will not be able to utilize the graphics card 100%.

    GPU bottelneck: You have a major, super duper fast processor, and a slow graphics card in comparison. Your processor is able to provide more information to the graphics card, but that possibility is wasted by the slow graphics card as it is already being used 100%.

    I say go for an AMD system. Nab a 965 BE, and you'll save a decent wad of cash. AMD motherboards are also cheaper than intel's equivalent, so you'll save more money that way too.

    Can't say how much in dollars, but over here in the UK, the Phenom II x4 965 BE is £70. The i5 2500k is £160. The i5 2500k is only 20% better than the 965 BE.
    If you get an AMD 970FX Pro3, you'll pay £50. If you get an Intel 1155 Pro3 Gen3, you'll pay £80.
  2. Here is a link to give you an idea on how your 9500GT would stack up today.,3107-7.html
    While you can use the 9500GT you are not going to be able to run some of the current games on high setting with it.

    As far as the processor the Intel® Core™ i5 will give you the best performance of the processors but the video card is still the most important part of your gaming system.
  3. If you're not planning to upgrade your monitor then consider getting the Phenom IIx4 965BE it offers better performance in multithreaded games and will allow you to spend more on a decent graphics card. I recommend nothing less the GTX650Ti or a HD7850 btw that PSU isn't gonna cut it. Get a cheaper case and pair it up with another decent brand 500w PSU like the corsair CX500. I don't advice you to use the 9500GT pftt dude. seriously? you're gonna use a rig like that and then insult it with a 9500gt? Do not get the i3 if you're planning on spending more on the GPU. a phenom IIx4 holds out against a decent i3 and offers better peformance in multi threaded games (such as the ones you play)
  4. Awful case that comes with an awful power supply.
    You will need to make sure your current dvd drive is sata as that new board does not have an atapi/ide port.
    Get 8gb ram.
    To play those games at high and up you will likely need a 560ti or better. The 550Ti will likely only do well on Medium in most games.
  5. If your set on intel then I would say drop down to the i3 and use that money to buy a new GPU. With $100 you should able to get a 7750 (or 7770 if you can find it) just make sure its the GDDR5 model. However if you aren't running into and storage or HD issues I would use the old HD (I know it is small) and use that $177 and get a 7850 1 gig model. Then at a future date add a HD for storage or clone the HD when you have money for better one. an i3 + 7750 will be better than an i5 and 9500 GT.

    While 8 Gigs in nice you don't need it to game well 4 gigs to windows 7 is like 2 Gig's to XP for gaming. Just in case your trying to save money.
  6. Thanks all !
  7. Make sure that motherboard supports and has the necessary bios update to work with that ivy bridge cpu. H61 is a chipset for Sandy bridge cpu's.
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