Zotac Gtx 560ti AMP 1GB

Hi i have a Zotac Gtx 560ti AMP 1GB videocard, its overlocked at 950Mhz (from the factory).
Other specs are :

Intel i53550 3.3Ghz
Kingston hyper X 4x2GB
Asus Dwr-24Bst
Corsair force 120gb ssd
Western digital caviar 1tb
my graphics card as above.
I use a Coolermaster Haf 912 plus case.

I was just wondering that what is a good temperature for the GPU, whit the GPU came a CD whit an application which shows that the temperature is ~30 C at normal (just at no particular use) , when i started playing a game ex, Minecraft ( pretty small and lite game) the temperature jumped to ~45 C, i was just wondering that if a download/and play a bit bigger game, what is the temperature that exceeds the "good zone" and when it will start harming my GPU.

Please ask if you need more information and every reply is appreciated.
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  1. Anything under 90C is safe under load, though ideally you want less than 85C.
  2. My GB 560 ti soc ( also 950 mhz ) does 37 idle and 69 under full load.

    Mine used to crash at 75C but like BM70 says anything under 85 should be safe.
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