Looking for gtx 560 review links, and a question on shrouds

I was planning on getting a gtx 460, but it seems that GPU has been discontinued, so now I'm planning on getting a gtx 560. It's getting annoying searching, though, since nearly all reviews and comparisons of cards are for the Ti version. Anyone got some links lying around for me?

And a question: My case is a corsair 500r, with two front intakes, one 200mm side intake, and one back exhaust, and I want to add another intake on the bottom. What would be better for this setup: an open shroud design, or a closed shroud design?
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    Here's a Review Database for the GeForce GTX 560 (non-Ti version):

    Non-reference design GeForce GTX 560 cards usually use open shroud designs and run and cooler and quieter if they use two or more large slower spinning cooling fans. Good case ventilation is a must for these cards since most of their heat load is dumped inside the case.
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  3. Thanks guys! Exactly what I needed!
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