I3 2120 vs fx 4300

Hey guys, I'm looking which is the Best for me. I wanna play crisis 3 at high or gta 4 1080p. I use after effects sometimes (dunno if that affects lol) . overclock? Maybe, as I am noob to this. my specs

AsRock 970 extreme 3
Msi r7850 twin frozr 3
Psu 500w

My budget‘s tight, around $120

Thank you guys.
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  1. Crysis 3 doesn't seem to like dual cores see

    Note at very high an i5 3570K is held back by a GTX680 and how well even a 965BE does compared to the i3.
  2. simon12 said:
    and how well even a 965BE does compared to the i3.

    so you're trying to say that fx is much better?
  3. raihan4 said:
    so you're trying to say that fx is much better?

    Your budget is $120? Do you already have the motherboard? If you already have the AsRock 970 extreme 3 as your motherboard, you are already locked into the AMD build.
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    based on this, i would get the FX without any hesitation... if Crysis 3 don't like dual core, getting an I3 even if faster in dual core games will not be enough to get the benefit of the real quad core even at slowest speed/performance per core...

    FX is really strong (Intel run the high end but in the mid and low end AMD is the runner for sure)
  5. if you've already got the motherboard, an intel CPU is out of the question unless you return that motherboard.

    but for your budget though, i'd go for a Phenom II X4/X6. but if you got a microcenter near you, or if you can squeeze out an extra $20 at worse, consider a 6300;
  6. Hazle said:

    How good is it ? Thank u guys for the answer

    Oh yeah, do I need to reinstall my win7?
  7. no u dont have to reinstall windows 7
  8. OK i guess i'm going for 6300 then. But, just to make sure, is it really wiorth that price? as im looking to play GTA 4 With Icenhancer (ENBseries) at 1080p and Crysis 3
  9. yea u will be fine
  10. worst-case scenario, you'll get unexpectedly low fps with GTA4. not your, or your hardware's fault though. it's a badly optimized console port that not even a $4K PC can help to fix.

    Crysis 3 definitely like the no. of CPU cores, and with next gen consoles looming over the horizon with x86 octo cores CPU, future PC games may finally be able to fully utilize 4 cores and benefit from six or more cores. hopefully.

    and with your budget, there's not much choice.
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    nThank you guys for your answers!
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