I3 3225 weird temps for each core

I have an i3 3225 and my temps for each core are vastly different.

core 0 is usually idling at 35-38 while core 1 stays between 23-26.

Core 0 spikes up to 43 when doing something simply like opening a program (like Steam or Itunes) while core 1 stays between 25-30 the whole time.

Under full load, core 0 stays right at 49-50 and core 1 tops out at 38-41. (tested with Skyrim)

Using the stock cooler re-pasted with Antec formula 7.

This there any reason for this?

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  1. Test it with Prime95:

    Its should run both cores at its highest it can get temps. Testing with skyrim seems.....meh

    If you still get the same problem, maybe you should re-seat the heatsink. Your gonna have to replace the thermal paste too but if you dont want to spend money on that, just leave it alone i guess
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