How is the timing of getting a new GPU right now?

So my question is this.
Im not in an urgent need of a GPU right now, as my 6970 works pretty well, but not good enough in BF3 in my opinion.

If i were to buy one right now, i'd go for the GTX 680, as it seems like the best performing single card in bf3.
But my concern is if there's a new one (780) around the corner, i've read some rumors about november.

When the 780 is released, would the price point be the same as the current gen high end card (680), and the 680 get a big drop in price, or will the price of the 680 remain, and the 780 be released with an initially higher price point?

What happened with the 580 once the 680 was released?

And what is the expected performance increase?
I've read that from 480 -> 580 -> 680 there was an increase of about 70% each step, is that expected to maintain as its still the kepler architecture?

I guess the reason im wondering, is that even the GTX680 doesn't perform flawlessly in bf3 from what ive read (still drops)

I realize this is pretty much speculations, but im pretty sure some has a better insight than me.
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  1. the rumor is that gk110-some say gtx 780? will come out in q4 2012, it is likely to be a crazy powerful card, not ever intended for 95% of users

    as for the 680 pricing, it might fall by up to $50 only because it is getting old not likely to be influenced by gk104

    interesting topic, hope more people respond

    you can never truly futureproof a pc
  2. @main question "How is the timing of getting a new GPU right now". You pretty much answered yourself, you are not in an urgent need.

    Your GPU is not bad and I would recommend you to wait a bit. About price dropping, who knows? If we knew we would be millionaires right now :). Sadly, we cannot forecast the economy. There is no single card at the moment which can run BF3 on 1920x1080p 60fps solid. Like I said, I would recommend you to wait until the real urgent comes unless you have a lot of money to spent .

    - Fastreaction
  3. fastreaction said:

    About price dropping, who knows? If we knew we would be millionaires right now :). Sadly, we cannot forecast the economy.n

    Thats not completely true, i mean there has been gaming GFX releases for over 20 years, and there has always been successors to previous models, and there's got to be a trend when it comes to pricing on the previous model when the successor arrives.

    (a completely off-topic comparison, a current gen iPhone always costs the same, upon a new release, the pricing stays, while the predecessor drops)
  4. Thats up to the point of view but in the end it is up to the manager weither to lower the price or put the newer card even higher. It is true though that when cards get older they get price drops. Like I said I would just wait for now unless you have tons of money then I would get the best out of the best :D

    - Fastreaction
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