DeepCool gammax 400 or CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus?

so there it is.. which is best? pricing is very similar, 212 is a bit cheaper.
A friend of mine got 212+ some time ago and he said the fan was quite loud so he replaced it. I have no references as of how loud is the gammax's fan.
On the other hand I like 212+ because of the backplate mount
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  1. Can't speak for the Gammax 400 much, but from what i'm seeing online from some specs, the fan can range from low 20's dba to low/mid 30s dba, the CM 212+ is 13-32 on neweggs site. so in terms of noise, they could be similar, but if sound was a big issue for you, you can always get a quieter fan and put that on the HSF.

    I used to use the Hyper 212+ on my i7-920 for 3 years and it worked great, with a small OC, kept it at 40C idle and ~50-60C while gaming. I never had an issue with sound on the fan since my stock case fans (antec tricool) were already louder on the low settings than the CPU fan. Unless you are looking for a dead quiet system, the fan noise shouldn't be an issue.
  2. drg889 said:
    Unless you are looking for a dead quiet system, the fan noise shouldn't be an issue.

    The thing is I don't want to add up any more noise to my system, although anything will be quieter than intel´s stock fan (socket 1155). I have two 120mm, two 140mm and the PSU's (which is actually pretty loud, NZXT hale82 650w) so there is noticable amount of noise, not that I really care about it though. I can live with this much noise.
    Performance-wise is mostly the aim of my question.
  3. I would go for the Hyper 212+ evo, it has the reputation to do well and has a bit of room to OC. And unless you plan to overclock your CPU by a moderate - high margin, it should suffice, and you can keep tabs on the temps using programs like coretemp, or run stress tests like prime95 to see how the hsf does under full load.

    There are other options as well if you want to OC more, bigger air coolers, closed loop liquid coolers like the Corsair H-series, etc. Fan controllers can also help quiet down your case fans if they bother you that much
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