Using a XIGMATEK S1283 cooler

I am going to upgrade my mobo and cpu. I am planning on getting a ASRock Z77 Extreme4 and a Core I5 3570K.

I currently have a 780i mobo with the XIGMATEK S1283 CPU cooler. The older board is a 775 socket.

Does anyone know if I can use this cooler on the new I5 3570k CPU. The cooler I have works great and if it fits I would like to use it.

I know the new mobo setup has a 1155 intel socket but dont know if the cooler will attach to it and function properly
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  1. As long as you have the PROPER brackets for the 1155 socket.
  2. A simple search shows this cooler ships with the capability to mount onto 775 sockets. But as said above, if you threw away or don't have the 775 bracket (or if it's not a one size fits all) you won't be able to mount it properly.

    Do you have the box still? Look at the instructions that came with the package.
  3. ASRock Z77 Extreme4 < has 775 and 1155 cooler mount holes on the board.
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