Is this card compatible?

I am pretty young, and I am on a budget and so far I can't get enough money to buy a new computer overall.

I have a emachine el1300g-02w, and I have games like Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, TF2, Garry's mod, Viva Pinata, Sims, and spore

Left 4 dead and portal 2 are VERY SLOW on my machine and it cause of my on board graphics card geforce 6150se! So I saw
a PCI-E 1x card (Since my pc is only compatible with 1x pci-e) it is the ZOTAC NVIDIA geforce GT 520 512mb DDR3 1x pci-e video card.

(link for card :

So my questions are:

1.Can this card even fit on my pc? And will it work on my PC.

2.Is this a good idea, should I save money for a new computer myself?

3.If you think I should save up, should I build the computer?

So far, I found this too be a pretty decent idea. I'm not much of a "PC builder" myself, even though installing something like a graphics card is easy. So please try to answer all of these questions.

Also, my specs are
AMD Athlon 2650e processor
Ram 1gb
Power supply 220w
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  1. You are better of with saving up money for a new build although the card should fit. Not much more than a web browsing/electronic typewriter machine you have.
  2. You might just want to save money and build a computer yourself. Although, you would be able to use the some parts from your old computer if you were going to build from scratch, like the hard drive and the disk drive.
  3. Thank you guys for the answers! I realize I should build one from scratch instead of wasting my time with this one :)
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