Corsair 750 watt or Seasonic?

which brand would fit my new build ?

$140.00 limit
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  1. Not sure what your build is but if I had to choose a 750w psu it would be a Corsair HX750
  2. brand doesnt fit build, what you need the Psu for decides it mostly. unless you are going for a color scheme, higher end ones is generally a choice of preference.

    I have this PSU ....a gift from my brother for my bday

    Want to add a 7950 ...just 1 for now
  4. 750W is overkill for the i7 and a single 7950, unless you're planning to add another 7950, just get a quality psu within 500-600W :

    Or if you're planning to add another one :
    ^made by seasonic, it will do for two 7950.
  5. 7950 .....3 months i'll pick up a second
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    MyNewPCBuild said:

    I have this PSU ....a gift from my brother for my bday

    Want to add a 7950 ...just 1 for now

    Both good brands once you get above the budget/opening price point
    series, and into Enthusiast or Professional models.

    As dude said, your build & use determine how much PSU you need.

    If you are going with one 7950, then a quality 500w unit is more than sufficient.
    If you are def planning to CF down the road, then the 750 mentioned above is
    more than sufficient(plenty of headroom for 2 - 7950's).

    Assuming you will eventually CF 2 - 7950's and a $140 budget limit,
    you might want to consider these:

    These are all ex quality units and more than sufficient for a sys with 2 - 7950's

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  8. If you want a fully modular 750W 80 plus gold, i recommend the Corsair AX750, since it's 135$ after promo code and 125$ after mir.
    Both units are seasonic oem, both will have the same quality.
  9. djangoringo and toyftw

    you all were very helpful,hopefully my first build goes well

    thermal paste suggestions?
  10. If you're buying an aftermarket cooler, you don't additional thermal paste, if you're reusing the stock cooler, this one will do :
  11. Thanks for the help...... djangoringo
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