PIX4/9800gt vs A10 APU Gaming

Wats better for the cost? A Phenom I 9650 with 4gb of ddr2 @800, a 9800gt with HDMI for around $200? or buying new A10 5600k, 4gb ddr3 1600, with the ipgu 7660d at $310?for general use and small gaming, WoW, CoD, nothing cpu/gpu intense? Both systens have psu, case, mobo, no hdd.
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  1. it's time to lay to rest all DDR2 systems and the Phenom X4 9650 needs to be put to rest first and foremost..
    9800GT is now a PhysX card and is not good enough for a primary card in today's graphics/gaming age.

    therefore by default the A10 / 7660D APU set-up is the better move.
  2. the 9800gt meets req for wow, cod and none demanding games as i mentioned. The 9650 x4 even tho slow is recommended for bf3 cpu wise. Not saying that its a great build for playing bf3, but im just wondering whats better for the price and i know that the x4 is old and of course the A10 wins cpu wise but more of asking how the difference of the 7660d and 9800gt. My brother in law owns the x4 build now and is looking to sell but the person who was interested was wondering if building something similar is worth the extra price. as $100+
  3. it's worth it the extra $100 for a better/newer system..
  4. not trying to be mean but ur responses dont help much, any one can go ahead to tell someone yes or no, some proof and reasoning would be nice. just saying ddr2, and a x4 is terrible doesnt help. Since u wernt that much help i found that the 7660d is basically the same as the 9800gt so it turns to the cpu which of course the A10 wins and benchmarks show the A10 at double the performance to the x4, so i know i can do my own research but i usually find it easier to have someone who alrdy knows to answer.
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    OK, goodluck with that...

    think about it though.
    power hungry X4 9650 (2.3GHz) stuck on DDR2 with an aging 9800GT (DDR3).
    the 9650(BE.?) can't clock over 3.0GHz and to see 3.0GHz you need a top notch motherboard.

    the 9800GT (DDR3) which is a version to my old N250GTS 1GB OC'd and that only scored 7.0/7.0 WEI, so the 9800GT has to be equal or less than that.
    the WEI is garbage but by this score in this situation tells me the 9800GT needs to be upgraded.
    now if your playing at a low resolution then it might get you by,,, but gaming @ (1366 x 768 or whatever) = FAIL.
    still needs to be upgraded and odds are a better monitor is needed if playing on a low resolution like that.
    any higher resolutions and the 9800GT (is it 512MB of VRAM) will choke... hard.
    1GB 9800GT and can hold you until the graphics upgrade but it's an old technology now and not made to be primary card.
    my N250GTS is now in my daughter's unit for web games.. (hint)

    the 7660D might be a step back from the 9800GT but considering it's an IGP with the simple upgrade of a real graphics card in the future
    I would run the 7660D and then first upgrade is graphics card.

    the A10 I believe is an unlocked CPU, yes the 9650 comes in a BE model but as stated, you won't get it to 3.0GHz if your lucky to get it there overclocking it.
    first gen Phenom then and more than ever now are a waste of time...
    so get the A10 and overclock it and it's IGP (7660D) is overclockable too, the option to do so is in the BIOS.

    hope that and this helps..

    I apologize if seemed rude or short but the X4 9650(BE) has no place in today's gaming units.
    that should be known by now and didn't feel it was necessary to break it down because it's so old.
    do not make me talk about the X4 9650(BE) and it's power consumption in more detail.
    the A10 @ 3.8GHz stock vs 9650 @ 2.3GHz stock (with limited headroom)..
    (need I say more..) ?

    RAM: 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz vs DDR2 800MHz
    motherboards: FM2 vs AM2/AM2+
    (tell me what's better now, something present or something 6 years old.?)

    actually take the A10 and use the 9800GT... ;)
    only thing I can find on the graphics comparison...
    and I do not like HWC..

    A10 and run the 7660D until you get a dedicated graphics card..
    period, then end.
  6. Thanks i guess didnt need that detailed lol but helps, thanks and srry i guess for whining
  7. no problem, I sometimes come off wrong...
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  9. my first BA... :bounce:
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