What is the best mid/full tower cases right now?

In your opinion what are some of the best mid/full tower cases on the market right now? Just bought all the parts for my rig but now I need a case........lol. I will be air cooling and now liquid. THanks in advance for the answers!
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  1. Whats your case budget? If you can budget 170ish I would "personally" say the Cooler Master HAF X.
  2. I think the cooler master haf X and nzxt switch 810 are really good cases. The antec 1200 v3 is a nice case as well. If you can go up to $250, the corsair obsidian 800d is a really nice case.
  3. I agree all nice suggestions above. If your budget is cheap just do the less expensive versions of whats above. cooler master haf 912, antec 300, NZXT Source 210 Elite
  4. im very happy with my antec p280 (mid tower), nice quality, decent airflow, very quiet and decently priced.
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