Cooler master vs thermaltake cases

So I wanna buy the ASUS Sabertooth z77-1155 chipset/mobo and i know for sure i want a full tower just I dont wanna spend to much money and i want a real good cool case. pretty good looking too if possible. i wanna put most of my money towards cpu/gpu/mobo. cut money where i can to get my headset and peripherals. any advice?
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  1. my buddy just bought the thermaltake Chaser MK and it is pretty big and has awesome cable management. comes with two 200mm fans and space for two more. They are going for 140 bucks with a 20 dollar rebate.
  2. Alot of those stars are because it is very inexpensive. I think case selection can be a personal thing. I don't want the same case everyone else has but I do want a good case. My problem with the 912 was no 3.0 on the front.
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