Best way to improve on build?

Hello, I built my first homebuilt system back in July, and I am wondering what would be the best way to give my system a little more performance . The specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core I-5 3570K
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 64MB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance (2x4GB) 1866mhz
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600w
GPU: MSI Twin Frozr 7870
BD-ROM: LG Black 14X BD-R...
Case: Cooler Master Half 912

(All the components are running on stock settings and stock cooling is present throughout the entire system.)

Should I invest in an ssd now? If so which one would be reliable and economical?

Would the stock cooling be sufficient for ample overclocking, or would I need to invest in aftermarket cooling?
I do live in a high dust environment with the computer situated several inches above medium carpet though cleaning out the computer monthly seems to be doing fairly well.

I use the computer primarily for Skyrim(heavily modded), Bf3, and minecraft(sometimes as server while playing Bf3 or Skyrim).

Please tell me if this post is off-topic for this category?
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  1. i would either get another 7870 or a ssd. depending on where you would like to see better performance.
  2. I do believe I would enjoy the better overall performance of the ssd, but I am concerned about the price and reliability of ssd's.
  3. Get a Samsung 830 or 840. I personally have Three of the 830s in operation and love them! I have two 256GB models and one 128GB version. TWo of them run under OSX and one under Windows 7.

    I haven't had a problem with any of them! Very good drives.
  4. I have a Samsung 830 128GB -- it made my system fly! :) The key point in performance is a balanced system.

    Samsung 840 Pro SSD: More Speed, Less Power, And Toggle-Mode 2.0,3302.html

    If you´re thinking about overclock, then you´ll need an after market CPU cooler -- mind that your case isn´t that big, so you must get a cooler that fits your case.

    Enermax ETD-T60 VEGAS DUO CPU Cooler (Down Flow)
  5. Thank you, both of you. Those two drives both look like very good ones and the 830 seems to be priced fairly well too, but is the 840 Pro worth the jump in performance for the jump in price or will the end difference be minimal?



    840 pro:
  6. The 840 Pro is definitely a better driver if you can afford it -- it also has extra 8GB, than the 840.
  7. Thanks, after looking at reviews I think I might wait for price drop or sale on 840 pro. Think I will wait on the aftermarket cpu heat-sink for a while though.
  8. I'm definitely agree with everyone saying SSD. I don't think I'll ever build a personal PC without an SSD now that I've experienced owning one. Troubleshooting an issue that requires multiple reboots is infinitely less frustrating, let alone all of the other benefits.
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