XFX Radeon HD 6870 vs Double D edition

I am planning to get either one of these, on newegg, they are just $10 cheaper.
I know the Radeon HD 6870 is smaller
But the Double D edition has 2 fans.
Is their any MAJOR difference? I plan to play GTA IV, Just Cause 2, BF3, etc.
I don't plan to crossfire nor use more than 1 monitor.
I plan to overclock them a little.
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  1. double post!
  2. sorry xD i figured out the 6870 would be better for my budget build! I forgot to close that thread.
  3. solved this too.
  4. wait what? I am asking what VERSION of the 6870 would be better?
  5. gosh. can I have a bump? I seriously got to find out which one to get!
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    Two fans keep the card cooler and a little quieter than one fan. Mostly because the two fans can maintain a slower RPM while keeping the same temperature on the card. I always get dual fan GPUs. I wouldn't even consider a single fan model unless the deal was significantly better.

    Do not double post or bump, that isn't tolerated here.
  7. Really? I got to remember that *writes in notebook*
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