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My CPU wasnt running up to speed recently, all 6 cores were at 800MHz. I checked out my BiOS and I changed it so all core are running at 2.1GHz. I can clock them up to 2.7GHz a core, like they should be, but im afraid my CPU will overheat. I have a stock cpu cooler. Any suggestions on CPU coolers? Im only 14 and I dont have a job, on a strict budget. So please make them as CHEAP as possible.

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  1. You could look at your thermal paste on the CPU cooler. It could be gone?!?! just buy a cheap cooler, they come with some generic paste. This one looks nice:
  2. Well even all cores running at full speed, the stock cooler is suppose to cool the cpu, if if ur worred a cooler master hyper 212 evo, or tx3 will suffice, the evo is $30, the tx3 is $20
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