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True 120hz HDTV for nvidia 3d vision?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 20, 2012 10:01:10 PM

Recently I built a top of the line gaming rig and just last week I picked up a fancy new GTX 690 card. I am now looking to make the jump towards starting up a nvidia 3d vision 2 setup for my brand new gaming system. The problem I'm having is that the monitors listed by nvidia as compatible are waaay too tiny for my tastes as my home setup involves me sitting several feet away and most HDTV's I've checked into don't seem to support true 60hz per eye due to the "120hz" technology such as frame interpolation**. I also don't have any desire to daisy-chain multiple monitors together nor would I even have the room to do so. Projectors that I've checked into have also been problematic in that they are usually far under true 1080p in resolution and I would prefer an HDTV over a projector anyway.

** Most 120Hz TV's use frame interpolation. In that they wait for the first two frames, then create an additional frame to be displayed as well, which "doubles" the amount of frames to 120 per second. Normally these types of HDTV's do not accept a 120Hz input signal, they also frequently have massive input lag as well making them unusable for 3d gaming.

What I am trying to find is a new type of HDTV which supports nvidia 3d vision 2, runs at full 1080p resolution, at minimum has true 60hz per eye while using the nvidia 3d glasses, the HDTV must have a Dual-link DVI port to connect to my GTX 690 which allows for a true 120hz input signal, and is anywhere between 40" to 60" in screen size. I don't really need the new light-boost technology and am happy to skip over it if the HDTV supports my other requirements. This HDTV would be entirely for playing 3d games and so any input lag would make it completely unusable as well. So effectively I'm looking for a gigantic monitor.

Basically I am trying to avoid being stuck with some 24hz or 30hz per eye situation, or with a tiny monitor that only has a miniature 27" screen when using 3d gaming. Does anyone have any suggestions on a large HDTV that might work for me? Does such a true 120hz HDTV even exist yet or has the technology not advanced that far? I appreciate any help anyone can offer on this
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August 20, 2012 10:12:54 PM

Do you plan to game out in the living room? If you sit 2-3 feet from the monitor, 27" is not miniature. It only looks small at a distance. The fact is, due to glasses that you were and the viewing range they can see. any closer than 2 feet, and the glasses don't let you see the rest of the monitor well and the very outside edges of the glasses let light bleed in. Your distance from the monitor is what determines how big or small it is.

There are no TV's that will allow 1080p at 120hz. You can get them that support 720p using HDMI. Go to Nvidia for compatibility list.