Monitor doesn't detect display with Nvidia Driver

Hey everyone, I'm Zack.

I've been having extreme troubles with my graphics card lately. Whenever I boot up Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), it loads, says "welcome", but after that, my monitor does not detect an analog or digital signal. To try and fix this, I booted into safe mod (which worked) and uninstalled my Nvidia driver. I then booted in normal mode and it worked fine. However, anytime i try to install a driver for my graphics card, I get that no signal issue. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

By the way, here are my specs:

Motherboard: Intel DQ57TM
Graphics Card: GeForce 560 ti
Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 2.79GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

**edit** my power supply is a Corsair GS600
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  1. Did you try different drivers ?

    Did you do a clean install?
  2. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Did you try different drivers ?

    Did you do a clean install?

    I reformatted my hard drive about a week ago, but the problem emerged last night. I did roll back my video driver to an older version, but that did not work either.
    I have recently overclocked my fans, I am going to undo that and see if it was possibly a power problem
  3. I tried undoing the overclock on my fans, but it didn't help. I am completely out of ideas.
  4. Can you try the gpu in a friends pc ?
  5. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Can you try the gpu in a friends pc ?

    good idea, I will try that in a little bit. I'll post results asap.
  6. Well I inserted the graphics card in another computer and install the drivers and it works fine! It's not the graphics card's fault.
  7. After cleaning my pci-e slot and reseating my graphics card again, i got it to work! Thank you for your help.
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    Never would have thought that could be the problem.

    Can't understand what that has to do with installing the driver or not. Weird.

    Anyway, if it works it works.

    Let's hope it stays that way.
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