Geforce 8600 GT texture flickering and artifacts

Hello, I have a problem with my graphics card. As mentioned in the Thread It's Geforce 8600 GT. Recently, I dug up my old computer from closet and installed win 7 32. Everything was running fine for a couple of weeks and I was surprised that I could also play newer games if I just tweeked the settings down a bit. Yesterday the GPU was starting to act up, and some flickering appeared here and there while playing but also when using photoshop. Now even windows aero has started it. I can see flickering and sometimes shredding of the graphics on the window edges of applications if I move the window around.

Here's a screenshot from The Witcher. The bluish flickering on the wall is clearly visible.

I have tried to install the latest drivers (301.42) and also the second latest (297.10). I'm going to try downgrade one more step but I have no high hopes for success. Could it be a driver problem or is the card going bad or something?
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  1. time for a new card. your vram is flakin out.
  2. That means that card is so old its dieing.....
  3. The 8600GT is pretty old and is probably at the end of its days. You might want to invest in something newer.

    You could also check the temperatures on the card.
  4. Alrighty, I'm going to check the temperatures first and try and cool the card a bit, see if it works any better, but yeah I guess it may be time to get newer hardware. Thanks for your time. I'll report back if I find out some solution.
  5. It might just be the temperatures. Or dust in the fan. I bought a used 8600GT, and it ran really really hot until I blew the dust out of it, then it worked fine.
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