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I'm looking to purchase a new router for my home, and need some advice from someone a lot more knowledgeable than myself regarding which device(s) would make a safe choice. I currently have a Netgear N300 WNR2000v3 that I am preparing to re-package and return to the store in order to avoid paying shipping charges to return it to Netgear directly, due to 'faulty hardware issues' which have emerged a quick 90 days in. Needless to say, my initial experience with Netgear products has not been impressive.

I have Comcast cable internet and will be connecting an older desktop and Xbox 360 via ethernet cable, and 2 additional wireless computers, a Vaio desktop and HP laptop. An additional bit of information that may be relevant for your recommendations; I live in a two story house, approximately 2,200 sq ft. and router will be placed in a bedroom upstairs.

I appreciate any suggestions any of you may have for me, to help make a difficult decision a little easier. 'Thanks' to you in advance.

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  1. I personally like the Dlink DIR655 AND DIR825!
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