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I've recently started building a system and im having a major problem. Im using the Gigabyte UD5H motherboard, i5 3570k processor, and a tx650 psu. When i power on the board, it stays on anywhere from .5 seconds to 10 minutes. Average is about 1 minute. I have not changed any bios settings. Either the MOBO is bad... Or the PSU. The processor seems fine at 27c. The motherboard's debug LED shows no errors. Do i have a bad PSU? Or am i missing/forgetting something. It happens with or without ram/sata drives. What is the chance my house cant supply the power? Only have the psu plugged into the outlet though. Any help or ideas is very needed.. Im lost right now.
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  1. Still having the same problem. Defiantly not the wall outlet. The mobo stayed powered on long enough to start installing windows. Half way into setup it died again. Contacted gigabyte but i wont hear from them until Monday or Tuesday. Its a toss up between mobo and psu. I dont think the cpu is bad. The ram is 1600mhz but the mobo says its 1333. Even with the ram out this still happens. Its not a standoff problem either.. as far as i can tell the board is in perfect condition. Not bad cap's or bent pins. PSU works.. I mean it powers the mobo and fans. Even powered up everything. CPU/fan, RAM, Case fans, gtx 660 ti. So im seriously thinking its a bad mobo. I didnt buy a used mobo to avoid any more problems, the last mobo p8z77 was bought used and arrived with bent pins. I have terrible luck. But if anyone has a solution or troubleshooting idea, please share.
  2. HA! Tried the paperclip test on the psu. First nothing happen. So i plugged in my cases can controller and two fans. Tried again and nothing happen. Few tries later and the case fans spun and lit up. Then died just like the mobo. So my problem is a faulty PSU. If anyone else is having similar problems with any brand mobo or powersupply, try this. Sending the psu back to amazon in the morning.
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