Buzzing GPU Fan Solutions?

Hello Community! :D

I have a problem with my Nvidia 9500 GT. I opened it up today and cleaned the heatsink and fan.
But now when I turn the computer on, the GPU makes a buzzing noise and the fan looks like it's wobbling.
Another thing is that when the fan goes up in rpm, the buzzing noise disappears and the fan stops wobbling.

And I can't control the GPU fan speed.

Do you guys know any thing I could do to get the fan back to normal?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. You need to remove the fan then peal back the sticker on the back of the fan and check the plastic washer that holds it all together is still there in one piece. If non of the fins are broken all should be fine. If the washer is worn out then use some thin wire around the end of the fan bearing and some heavy weight motor oil. That will solve the noise and most of the vibration problems. Beyond that there are other options such as a new card or buying an aftermarket cooler.
  3. I'll check it out tommorow.
  4. Nothing is wrong with the washer, any other ideas?
  5. Killabolts said:

    Killabolts said:
    Nothing is wrong with the washer, any other ideas?

    Yes, don't bump your thread. :non:
  6. You must not have read through my whole post, you need to oil the fan.
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