Nvidia 9800GT upgrade solutions?


I have the following configuration:

Gigabyte ga-890gpa-ud3h with pII 955be
8gb geim memory
nVidia 9800gt 512mb

The graphic card is three years old and I change them in three years intervals, so I would like to exchange it with a cart that is not much expensive (around 100eur) that has enough performance, so that it could be used for next three years. It should have two vga/dvi ports and display port if possible and it should be a quieter one. And of course it should be nVidia (I do not like ati cards).

What would you suggest?
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  1. Hi.
    What power supply do you have ?
  2. Well 100 Euros is like 550Ti range.

    Also, in the low end of the spectrum, the only Nvidia GPU there is is the 550Ti, and its a really overpriced power hungry card that is outgunned by ATi of the same price.

    Needless to say, the 550Ti is not a bad card. It should work fine. If you want Nvidia, thats

    Also, what power supply?
  3. And where are you buying from ?
  4. Well unfortunately for 100eur the best solutions are currently AMD. Nvidia doesn't have anything worthwhile in that price range that isn't beat quite handily by AMD's cards.


    For nvidia you have the:

    GTX 550ti
    GT 640

    The two best cards in your price range (about $120 USD) are the AMD HD7770 and the nvidia GTX550ti. The HD7770 beats the 550ti in just about every game and consumes less power, runs quieter, and at a lower temperature.
  5. Thanks for the answers, I used the time to better understand gts/gtx terminology and compare it to prices.

    Power supply burned out a few days ago, now it's Chieftec 750W, it will not be a bottleneck.

    I will be buying in local shops in Serbia. As I understand my range is gts450 (prices are 80+ eur for 1gb models), gtx 460 (130+ eur) and if there is a really, really good reason GTX560 (without SE in name prices begin with 140+).

    Brands that are most common are Gainward, Palit, Asus, Leadtek and MSI.

    What would you suggest?

    I am afraid that GTS could be too weak on the long run, but GTX460, some 1GB model would be more suitable perhaps
  6. Get the GTX560 if you can fit it into your budget. It would be worth saving up for.

    I would choose an ASUS or MSI.
  7. If the price difference between the 460 and 560 is only 10 eur ; http://www.hwcompare.com/10987/geforce-gtx-460-vs-geforce-gtx-560/

    I would prefer Msi, Asus.

    450 is not what you want.
  8. That PSU is about the same as the Corsair TX750, so you should be fine. The 1GB GTX460 would be good, but I'd rather recommend the Radeon HD6850 as it uses less power and is quicker than the older GTX460.

    But the GTX460 should do well.
  9. Thank you all for your help


    Yes, it the same one like Corsair TX750, but modular.
    You are tempting me, I have found an Asus EAH6850 for 130eur, and MSI R6870 for 138eur. On the other side, nVidia cards produced by Asus or MSI are over 150; Gainwards are chepaer.

    Maybe it's time again for a Radeon, I did not have one of them for at least 6yrs. I must sleep on that.

  10. 6870 is the way to go.
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