My Graphics Card and My PSU and the slot

Good Day everyone i am new to this website and i need to ask anyone any answer is appreciated.
This is My First time trying to buy a Gpu with a power supply. the gpu that i am trying to buy is a GTX 460 and i really have no idea how i am going to put this card. will this fit in my motherboard and how do i connect the power and the video card? because they say there are pins on the PSU but i dont see any i just see a hole from the PSU with the wires. i dont know my PSU brand there is no brand placed but it is a 500 watt PSU

My Processor is a E4500 @ 2.20Ghz
My motherboard is a ASUS P5SD2-VM

i am really sorry as i have no idea what i am doing

and if you are wondering i need that graphics card because someone is selling it for $20 to me because he said he is going to upgrade
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  1. Can you either take a picture of the label on the side or post what it says under 12v?

    It should fit in the motherboard just fine. How to do it? Well you are going to have to remove the silver plate things covering the slots on the back of the case. Then you basically just slide the card right into the long black slot.

    After you have done that, you connect the wires that look like this:

    Into the graphics card, like so:

    Then boot up your computer and install the drivers for the video card from the internet.

    I would like to know that power supply information more than anything though.
  2. Thank you for helping me, i am not at home at the moment but i'll try to check it btw what do you mean by the silver plate? The plate from the PSU or the back of the CPU case
  3. I'm thinking you'll figure out that you need to take them off, so I wouldnt worry.
  4. Oh i think you mean the one for the hdmi, but yeah thanks for the help but do you think it will be compatible with my motherboard?
  5. You've got a PCI-E x16, which is what a graphics card uses, so it should work.
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