Cannot decide betwween 7970 GTX 680

I cannot decide between the 7970 and GTX 680. In my country the 7970 is 520$ and GTX 680 is 580$. Which one to get? My reso is 1920X1080. I'll be using the FX 8350.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I have a 7970 and I love it. Runs everything on at least high very smoothly.
  3. Which is better?
  4. If we're talking about a 7970 GHZ edition, then it will be faster than the GTX 680, otherwise the Nvidia card will be the better performer.
    That is if we don't factor in overclocking.
    When overclocked, the 7970 is leaps ahead of the 680.
  5. Get the AMD R7970 and OC it. It will perform way better than a GTX 680.
  6. It clearly 7970, it more powerfull, cheaper,and O.C. well...

    Just make sure u get the custom cooler ones (the reference fan is quite loud, and custom cooled will help in O.C. -ing)
  7. Hello>
  8. Go with hd 7970 vapour x with eyes closed.
  9. Or why not go with hd 7950 vapour x 3gb at rs 21k as you will save 13k!if hd 7950 overcloked then it will even beat gtx 680.hd 7950 just kises the hd 7970 in performance.spending 11k extra for hd 7970 is not worthwile.
  10. both lightning and vaporx is good card :D...

    I like to go with lightning (cheaper from your link, custom pcb, looks nice inside the case with the extra light :D..)
    but it seems had some issue with dual link 120hz monitor in multi (3) monitor setup...

    but vaporx is also good card...
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