Can I take a 7950 boost bios and put it on my vanilla 7950

Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought a HIS 7950 GPU. Now, I was wondering about boost. I know HIS are releasing a boost version of this GPU (it's on their website). From what I can tell it's the same card. Do you think it would be possible (if I could get hold of it) to put the HIS boosted BIOS onto my vanilla card and turn it into a boost card? I know I could overclock, but it's not the same. I read it was only for reference 7950's but if other manufacturers are adding boost to their cards, would this be possible?

In short...
I'm pretty sure the HIS card isn't reference PCB design so I probably couldn't take the BIOS off any old reference card, but if I could get hold of the BIOS from a HIS Boosted card, could I upgrade my card?

One more thing, it says it has dual BIOS, if I were to try this and it not work, would it be a simple case of switching to the other BIOS to fix it? Could I then restore BIOS #1?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. do not attempt flash unless its necessary. AMD designed it for reference because when a company takes the card, they make heavy modifications on where everything is placed etc, so using it on an aftermarket model would highly not be advised.
  2. First, adding the "boosted" BIOS might work (and it might not) but you could restore the original BIOS easily. What makes you think that OCing won't achieve the same/similar results?
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