Graphics card isnt working in 2nd PCI slot

I used to run SLI GTX 560s and suddenly my artic cooler on one of them stoped working. I got a new fan replaced the old one and when i plug my card back in its just stuck at the bios screen. What i mean is that it litterly says asrock p67 extreme4 and i cant enter the bios or anything its like its frozen. I have tired using just one card in the 2nd slot and same thing happens with both. Both cards work fine on 1st slot though. Any ideas? I miss my SLI. :(
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  1. so when you have a card installed in PCIE slot 1 and PCIE slot 2 the screen stays stuck at the BIOS? when you only have a card plugged into PCIE Slot 2 it wont work you have to have a card in the top slot
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