GTX 570 IDLE temps raised.

Recently my EVGA GTX 570 has its idle temps go anywhere fro 39c, to 48c, when it used to be at a steady 36c. I thought it was dust build up, but I got canned air and blew out all of the the vents and my front case fan, and side case fan. I don't know why they'd just randomly start having higher idle temps. Any help is appreciated Thanks.

CPU: AMD fx-6100
RAM: 4gb 1600mhz Ripjaw
Motherboard: Asrock 970 Extreme3
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  1. What are load temps?
  2. My load temps are staying about the same at about 70c(I'm pretty sure, Haven't really played too demanding of games recently).
  3. Then it doesn't matter.
  4. Well.. Obviously it does to me... Considering I posted on here about it.
  5. I would guess dust build up on the fans/heatsink or an increase in ambient temps
  6. Well, I dusted it with compressed air pretty thoroughly, unless I'd have to take it apart and do it.. And what do you mean by ambient temps? Just like my room temp, etc?
  7. according to tomshardware 70c is normal temperature for your graphics card,3148-20.html
  8. actually you probably have to take card out of PC and blow it out that way. There are spots that still get build up and could keep temps up. I myself had to pull cards out of PC to do a thorough cleaning of cards.
  9. Azteck: I did take it out and dust it. Maybe I'll give it another go.
    oxford: I'm not so much concerned with the load temps (as dumb as it sounds) but the idles, when I first bought the card It would idle at around 40-42c, but then I bought a 200mm side fan and popped it in and It dropped down to 36c idle, not it's back up to before I had the fan, and maybe even a little hotter at times.
  10. Idle temps do not matter, load temps are what matter.
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