Are Graphic Cards Made By Different Brands The Same?

I am planning to buy a 6870 but I found a really cheap 560 ti at the same price, but only 10$. It only has 26 reviews so I am skeptical about it! Should I get this 560 ti or should I get the evga brand?

Zotac Brand

Evga Brand

They have pretty much the same specs, what is the diffrence? If their is none, I am going to get the Zotac :D
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  1. The EVGA unit has a limited lifetime warranty. The Zotac has only 2 years limited.

    From a functional point of view, no real difference.

    I think EVGA support is USA based, I think Zotac only has a us office here.
    One way to check out support is to access the forums.
  2. Get the EvGa the zotac has bad reviews :).
  3. Well the only reason why is because half of them put 1 egg cause of their customer service. But only 2 did it because 1. crazy overheat and 2. died in 2 months.

    PS. How do you delete a thread? I made repost and I want to delete it.
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