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Hello,everyone new to this forum ,im having a hard time in deciding the ups and psu required for my system..i already have a ups and a psu but, dont know whether that is sufficient!!
specs:core i7 3770k 3.5ghz
mobo:asus p8h77-m
gpu:amd 7970 shappire dual x 3gb
hdd:1tb seagate 7200rpm
sony dvd writer 24x
ram 8gb crosair veangence
cabinet:haf combat with 6 fans
psu cooler master thunder 700watts(planning to get crosair ax850)
ups:apc 1100va/660watt
1:whether the psu is sufficient or should i get the 850 watt psu as mentioned above?
2:whether the ups is holding for 700 watts,will it hold for 850 watts? (atleast to turn off all the programs and shut down fast)
note:had this rig for two days played every game at ultra ,used it heavily untill my motherboard gave away(replaced it and got a new one now ,did not install yet; waiting for the suggestions from this forum.... had heard many good things about this forum) whether this had something to do with my psu or ups?
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  1. Buy the Corsair PSU.
  2. see your other thread on this for my answer.
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