I installed a 6570 and now the computer won't start

I bought a diamond hd 6570 and I booted up my cousin's computer. It said that the floppy diskette failed to I went into the BIOS and just disabled it. After that, windows start up repaired showed up. It finished analyzing my cousin's computer and it said that it was unable to fix the problem. I took out the card and it still showed this same issues. (diskette failure, windows startup) I set eveything to defaults in the BIOS. I feel guilty about possibly ruining my cousin's computer but my mind says that I didn't do anything. Does anybody have any suggestions to fix this error?
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  1. was there a different video card in the system before you installed this card? or was it running onboard? if it was onboard what you should do is boot up the pc into windows (do not run the startup repair) and make sure that the pc works fine without the video card in....then shut down and go into the BIOS and change the Primary Graphics Adapter to PEG or PCIE (they are the same thing its just labeled different on different mobos) then save changes and shut down the pc and install the new graphics card....now try booting back up into windows....report back if that worked or not
  2. Like in the first post, it had the windows startup with and without the video card. Just before I installed it for the first time it worked fine
  3. I dont understand your post can you be more clear? so does it work fine with the video card in?
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