Windows XP not showing View Available Wireless Networks

Have installed a TP-Link TL-WN722N wireless USB adapter.

O/Sis Win XP SP3.

Np options are showing for Wireless networks under Network Connections.

Wireless Zero Conifguration is on.

When I run a QSS app I can see neighbours network but not my own (My equipment doesn't support QSS) so the card and driver are working.

Help !
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  1. Is the check box Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings, checked?
    If not try this:
  2. Thanks for the reply jantech.

    The problem is that the Wireless adapter is not showing up in Network Connections; neither is the 'View Available Wireless Connections'.

    I've tried all the drivers available for the adapter on the TP-Link site.
  3. I'm not familiar with that manufacture, do you have another computer that you can confirm the card is good? You could be chasing your tail with a bad card. Also if the card does work in another computer have you tired another USB port?
  4. Yes the card works fine on other PCs (Vista and Win 7 though). Suspect it is something to do with the drivers and XP, although they are supposed to be fine with XP. The thing is when I use the app that comes with the card to do QSS (quick set up) it finds neighbouring networks on the XP machine (problem is my hub doesn't support QSS). This proves the card is working ok. Just XP doesn't want to work with it.

    On install I noticed one set of drivers isn't Windows/microsoft certified. WOuld this stop it working/showing up in Network Connections ? Is there any way to override this and 'force it' on XP ?
  5. It's very curious that the drivers are not Microsoft Certified, I've not seen that in awhile, and that could be the issue.
    What you can try to make sure Windows is ok is run an sfc (system file checker)
    Click on start, click on run, type with the quote "cmd", at the command windows type with out the quotes "sfc /scannow"
    This will check all you system files to make sure they are ok, you may need your windows xp disk for this.
    After this is completed check and see if you can enable windows control of the wireless, as per my post above.

    Also I looked up QSS and it is just a form of WPS which all new routers support, what type of router do you have?
  6. I think you need to enable SSID Broadcast on your wifi router..
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