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hey guys I am very soon looking to replace my sapphire hd5450 1gb ddr3 for an hd5570 1gb ddr3. I have currently updated my amd catalyst driver to version 12.6 . I want to ask whether I can just take out my old card and pop in a new one without having to download and reinstall the drivers again? also since I have an hp pavilion desktop with bestec 250 watt with 14A on 12v I wanna be sure if the new card will safely work in my pc.? thanks.
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  1. According to AMDs' support page, you need a 400W psu or greater to run the HD5570.
  2. Should be fine.
  3. but what about the need to re download and reinstall the catalyst drivers? is it necessary? also I guess 250 watts should be fine. a lot of people seem to be doing quite well on 250 watt suplies . its the 14A on 12v that worries me..
  4. You will not need to reinstall. However 12.8 is now available. I have found the newer drivers to have eliminated some issues with games I play. So install the new card and go to the AMD site to get the newest version. Install it and your done. If you do not want the new drivers you do not need to install them.
  5. so I would just have to update my current drivers to 12.8 rather than downloading the entire 130mb or so file.? which games are now running better with 12.8.?
  6. They use the same driver so you shouldn't need to delete then reinstall. If anything odd happens you know where to start.
  7. ok thanks so at what settings can I expect to play games like battlefield 3, skyrim etc n all other latest games. I have a 1440*900 monitor
  8. hey guys just another quick question. is it possible to crossfire an amd card on a old motherboard which does not natively support crossfire if the crossfire only happens through the pcie slots of the mobo and not the bridge itself ? in that case i will keep my hd5450 and get another hd5450 and crossfire it ? now since i dont have another pcie x16 slot the second card will have to go in pci x4 slot.. will it work ?
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