I5-2310 and GTX 660ti or i3-2120 and GTX 670??

I am about to order stuff for a new mini itx build. I am trying to decide on either the i5-2310 ($170 NCIX) and GTX 660ti ($280 after selling Borderlands) for about $450 or go with the i3-2120 ($115 NCIX) and GTX 670 ($330 after discount and selling Borderlands) Then there is the cheapest option of the i3 and 660ti for under $400. I am leaning toward the i3 and GTX 670 my only concern is the noise of the 670 with that blower style cooler. I need some opinions it looks like the 670 deal at newegg ends tomorrow.
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  1. I'd go with the i5-2310 and 660ti than the i3-2120 + 670. With a high end card such as the 670, you will begin to experience cpu bottleneck in cpu demanding games, which prevents the 670 from reaching its full potential. With the i5, you will have 4 physical cores rather than 2 hyperthreaded in the i3 and a fairly powerful 660ti which isn't that much weaker than the 670. I doubt the i5+660ti will be bottlenecked so you'll have a more balanced build with that.
  2. If you go with the i3 you will see bottlenecking in a lot of future games while if you go with the i5 you'll have no such problem.
    BUT the GTX 660Ti will probably age just as bad as a 550 Ti meaning that a year from now it will be fast as a HD 7870.So in my opinion you should get a HD 7950 instead.
  3. Looking through this
    and considering the fact that I don't play any cpu bound games currently it seems like the i3 is nearly on par with the i5
  4. Will a NVIDIA 660 and a Intel i3 will get bottlenecked?
  5. I think you'd be good. I ended up with the i5 and 660ti. I got the cpu on ebay brand new and for like $10 more than the i3. Either way should be good.
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