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Hello all,

I am attempting to set up a network for a business that needs to have individual static IP addresses for 2 different routers, one for their security camera system, one for another product on the network. I have put the DSL modem provided by the ISP into bridge mode to facilitate this. The problem is that I am forced to use PPPoE in the routers to make the internet connection work this way which means I do not have access to the static IP addresses we purchased and defeats the entire point.

My question is, is there a way to use PPPoE and still have access to the static IP addresses so that both the camera system and the other product can be remotely managed?

I realize that the easiest way would be to set up port forwarding in one of the routers to access the camera system that way, but the people responsible for the other product want it isolated from everything else.

Any ideas would be appreciated, and if more information is needed please let me know.
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  1. The static IP's still work with PPPoE, it is only a user name and password to log on. When you setup the equipment use the static ip and there should be an option to input the PPPoE credentials.
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