Hi. CPU not booting but the power is on and the fan is working. Help.

I don't know where else to put this. This is my case. Tomorrow I'll be going to the fixers, but I don't want to seem ignorant about what the problem is so I wanted to ask you guys what you think the problem is with my CPU.

A couple of weeks ago my CPU fell down on its side about 12 inches high. I did not see anything wrong. Although, I don't know if this was after or before the fall (because it tends to overheat) but the second fan (the smaller one) isn't working anymore. During this time I think (I'm not so sure) the problem happened once, where when I press the start button there will be light but it doesn't beep. The fan is working though (the bigger one).

The second fall happened a couple of days after the first one. During that time I noticed that the second fan isn't working (the small one). So what I did was I placed a desk fan right next to it so it doesn't overheat. It got to a point where I decided to change the fan myself so I opened the CPU (I'm stupid I know) and looked around. This is the stupid part, the little screw that holds the first slot in the CPU where the cable for the monitor is connected (where the second fan is placed) fell into the slot. Then the screw driver fell into the chipset the north bridge the rectangle with the spikes. I freaked out so I just closed it. Although at times I would open it and slide the cover down until the little space from the top (where the fan is connected) is exposed so that it would get direct air. Which now I think is stupid.

This time around about 2 days later it happened again. Once. After powering off the computer and turning it back on, it worked. Then the next day it happened again but this time around it took probably a couple of minutes, then it was fine again. Today, I was about to turn it on first time in the morning then I turned it off when I tried turning it back on it didn't happen that too took a few minutes then I decided to leave it alone for an hour. It worked though when I turned it back on. So I tried turning it back on about two hours later and it didn't work up until now. So what could possible be the problem?? Please don't tell me it's the motherboard. Can someone help me.


It's already okay. As it turned out the video card screw got loose when it fell down.
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  1. Your correct on three counts.

    1. Your stupid.
    2. Motherboad FUBAR.
    3. CPU fried.

    EPIC FAIL !!
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