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F6100 Clock Decreasing.

My CPU speed is decreasing a lot during games. I downloaded prime95 and noticed that the cpu at high demands went to 1.4ghz. My motherboard is an ASROCK N68-S3 FX . My CPU is the AMD FX 6100(3.3GHZ).

First of all, i know it isn't Cool n Quiet, i tried disabling it. I tried disabling turbo core too, same issue, and tried disabling CPU spread change at all. Windows energy power is off too. I don't know what to do anymore......

And i'm using two programs(Cpuz, and coretemp) to see cpu speed.

Please help
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  1. Make sure your Bios is up to date. Also, what are your temps?
  2. Bios is up to date, CPU temps more than normal.

    CPU idle - 22- 33ºCelsius
    CPU active - 30-43ºCelsius

    I was searching and found something related to AMD FX throttling.
  3. I found out what's causing it!

    Forum by forum, i found something related to AMD FX throttling, and i discovered that when my temp is reaching 49-50(actually this is high on this pc), all cores speeds reduce to 1.4GHz!

    They said that turning off the thermal throttling would fix it, but there is a problem...My motherboard bios doesn't have this option. What should i do?
  4. An aftermarket cooler is your easiest option then at this point.
  5. I don't know which one to purchase...could you give me an advice?
  6. What case do you currently have?
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    I was going to suggest a Coolermaster 212 but your case might not be big enough. This one won't be quite as good but better than stock.

    I did a build recently for a person and we went with that cooler since it was on sale and worked into his budget. Keeps a 4.0ghz 3570k cool. Never saw it reach 40c while installing software.
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  9. Thanks a lot for your help and for your attention. I'm buying one of these next week!
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