Upgrade Acer Aspire AO722-0825

Hi Expert

I have a Acer Aspire A0722-0825.

Product Features
AMD c series dual core c 60 Processor 1GHz (1MB Cache)
320 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive, 40-watt AC adapter
11.6-Inch Screen, ATI Radeon HD 6290lei
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit , 7hours Battery Life

The system performace really sucks, i bought it because it was handy and can carry it when i'm travelling.

Can you suggest me ways to improve the performace.

I don't beleieve its the RAM, i believe it suffers at CPU .

Can you please give me your suggestions.

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  1. well if you change the cpu you will void the warranty so its better to sell it and get a better one
  2. Unlike desktops, laptops cannot upgrade CPU and graphics cards.
  3. I would do swap HDD for SSD and double the ram.
  4. das_stig said:
    I would do swap HDD for SSD and double the ram.

    I have an Aspire One 722 (Windows 7 OS) and would really like to replace the HDD with an SSD. Can you point me to some instructions on how to do that?
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