Installing Intel Q8300 Quad in Dell GX270


I'm trying to put together a semi-decent gaming pc for my son and got an Intel Core2Quad Q8300 (2,5 GHz) to install in an old Dell GX270. I also got a Radeon HD5450 graphics card with it.

Apart from the fact that this is a completely new project for me, will this set up work?
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  1. I sorry to inform you this, but no.
    I found your system specs currently:
    As I can see, the PSU will not be enough for the graphics card. I am not sure about the socket which the computer is running, if it is the LGA 775, then maybe, if the motherboard doesn't have wattage limitations
  2. Nah the gx270 can't support squat. A quad core cpu wouldn't work.
  3. Nope...impossible.. like above...proc not supported
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