Very Frustrating- ASUS VG236H Installation Issues

My System:

Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65
CPU: OC'd Intel i7-2600k @ 4.2 GHz
RAM: G'Skill Ripjaws 8 gig
PSU: Antec 750w
Hard Drives: 2 ssd, 2 HDD
GPU: EVGA GTX670 4gb DDR5 Superclocked

Running Windows 7

Under device manager, my monitor is listed as "Generic PNP Monitor," which I feel is a hint about the problems I'm having. These include:

>Vsync capping my FPS in Skyrim at 60, as though I'm playing with my previous 60Hz monitor
>Inability to install drivers from disc (I get an error window "File NVI2.DLL not found"), but I can download the 3D software from the disc
>Inability to download drivers from the ASUS website (when I attempt to do this, the download never begins (Received an unexpected HTTP response {Response not recognized})
>Cannot set up stereoscopic gaming (Error in StereoCPLAPI----Settings->setDefaultStartupMode() returned false.)

There are a number of other issues. I would really really really really really really really really appreciate your help before I snap. Thank you very much.
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  1. you must install drivers from cd of your lcd monitor, or go to their webpage and download it to install it. generic driver is just so you can use basic monitor capabilities.
  2. i would check the NV control panel and see what refresh rates are available and see if 120 is selected. i also didn't have a problem getting the 350mb zip file clicking on the global link at the asus web site.
  3. Revro: The issues I described match your suggested solutions. I can't download drivers from the disc or the website, and my monitor is stuck with generic drivers.

    Looniam, thanks for your help- it always helps to check the obvious. The 120hz option wasn't there last night, but when I turned my computer on this morning, one of my chrome windows held a file that had downloaded overnight- a working driver for Nvidia! So I suddenly have the 120Hz option, skyrim now plays above 60 fps and 3d sort of works.

    However I still cannot download drivers for the monitor itself and so some of the issues I was too tired to list last night remain.

    These are:

    >Colors do not transition smoothly. This is pretty hard to describe, but say a portion of my desktop transitions from dark blue through light blue all the way to white. Instead of a smooth transition, each color is visibly demarcated like the rings of a tree trunk. This gives rise to incredibly fake and artificial textures in games. For example, the smoke in the opening screen on Skyrim moves like amoebas which each varying color of gray separate and distinct from the previous color. If I didn't know it was smoke, I wouldn't be able to guess what it was.
    >In 3D, there is nauseating parallax from the shadows. It's as if my left and right eyes are separate sources of light, so each casts a flickering shadow. Alternately closing each eye removes the problem, which I guess makes sense.
    >Device manager still has labeled my monitor "Generic PNP Monitor"
    >Attempts to download drivers from cd still gives the "File NVI2.DLL not found"
  4. ok, glad you got 120Mhz.

    as far as the generic PnP monitor, i am surprised windows didn't install the specific on for that. when i plugged in a 22" dell windows automatically installed a driver for it that wasn't generic. i am going to ask if you right click "update driver" in the device manager.

    it prolly will tell you the best is already installed. you can try to "jump" that by uninstalling the monitor in the device manger, then reboot to see if it will then install an asus one.
  5. I still have the problem. I am not able to see the 120Mhz at all. At the same time, clicking in device manager to update the driver tells me the the driver is up to date. I still get the NVI2.dll error. Please help me.
  6. Looks like either windows are messed up badly, or the graphics card is faulty. I'd suggest reinstalling windows first. Monitor will not ever cause your computer to give errors.
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