Modifications to the gaming rig

PU: i5 3550

motherboard: Asus P8B75 V

RAM: G.Skill RipjawsX 1600 MHz 4 GB x2

PSU: Corsair GS600

GPU: Sapphire HD7950 3 GB Vapour-x

Cabinet: NZXT gamma

Monitor: Dell st2220L 22"

Logitech MK200 KB & mmouse combo

HDD: seagate barracuda 2 TB
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  1. good choices overall. The video card is spectacular with 3gb or memory, I wouldn't suggest under 2. Your processor and video card go well together although i cant say one will bottleneck another.
  2. you need 8GB of ram and a larger screen!
    also you need an SSD and change the HDD to 1TB!
  3. oh and personally 'd go with a 23" screen for a better widescreen. only my opinion.
  4. The only thing I would change too would be the amount of ram. 4gb will def work but you will hit the high end of 3 which you may see some slowing when your ram use gets that hiigh.
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