Energon eps-650W

hi everyone :hello:
please forgive me is my english is bad, its not my language.

i have several questions about this PSU
first heres the specifications:

Product Description: Inter-Tech Energon EPS-650W - power supply - 650 Watt
Weight: 1.58 kg
Device Type: Power supply - active Power Factor Correction (PFC) - internal
Input Voltage: AC 240 V

Output Current:
+3.3V - 28 A
+5V - 28 A
+12V1 - 18 A
+12V2 - 18 A
+12V3 - 18 A
+12V4 - 18 A
-12V - 0.8 A
+5VSB - 2.5 A

now first thing is that the salesman told me it would work at 110v, but Will it work at maximum capacity or was it bs???

next i want to know if it will power up this rig

Core2Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz/4Mb/1333/45nm

the gpu needs 24A and i was wondering if it is that each rail has to be 24A, or can i sum up all the 12v rails output?? and the output for the 12v rails is 550W is it enough?

also im planning to go for a GTX 660 but not yet and a i5 3330 or a i3 if i dont get the money, but im reluctant to give up my 4 cores for 2 cores/4 thread of the i3 3***.
i need advice and i've followed this site for years and theres nowhere better to ask

thanks in advance to this amazing community and Tom's for the gratest site on tech :)
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  1. max capacity is measure in efficiency meaning how much watts do you loose
    80+ efficiency power supplies are good since they will give you wattage close to the advertised amount

    get a trusted brand power supply such as corsair or antec
  2. thanks alvine
    I was thinking about that but i'm running on a budget and if this PSU will work i already own it so... Don't want to buy a new one unless it's completely necessary

    anyway i was more concerned about the other questions like the 4 x 12V rails @ 18A and the GPU requesting 24A, and if the cpu upgrade to an i3 would be worth it, currently i run most games at 1920x1080 but there are some that i cannot max out anymore so i thought about upgrading to GTX 660 and ivy bridge and if the PSU can handle it, it would be great

    again, this is what i have at the moment

    Core2Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz/4Mb/1333/45nm
    4GB DDR2 KINGSTON 800Mhz
    GTX 560 (GALAXY) 1GB
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