Upgrading my processor

Hello. I am looking to upgrade my processor from a Q8400 to an


And the motherboard will be

With my ram staying at 8gb 1600Ghz and a GTX 560 ti SSC I was wondering if this would be the best bang for my buck. I wasn't looking to spend over 300 and im currently at 325 with this set up. I would like recommendations and any ideas on how well this setup will run BF @ 1900x1080?
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  1. Do you live near a microcenter store. They have the i5-3570k for $190 and the i7-3770k for $230

    The ASRock Extreme4 is a great motherboard, you can't go wrong with that!

    Here's a link to a review of different graphics card with different settings for BF3. GTX 560 Ti is listed so should give you a very good idea how your setup will perform. Just by glancing at it, I think you'll be quite happy.
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