Graphics defaulted to integrated card.

Hi guys,

I recently bought a new laptop, the HP Pavilion M6-1054SA, and I have used this laptop for some gaming. The laptop has an Intel HD 4000 and an AMD Radeon HD 7670M, however I have noticed that every game I go on, the graphics is always set to use the Intel integrated graphics card over the dedicated one. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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  2. Go into bios and under display see if you can change it from integrated graphics to your amd.
  3. Went into my bios, no option to change any of my drivers.
  4. Change the option for display in the game maybe?
  5. Every game detects the Intel HD card, but not the Radeon card. The only option is the Intel card.
  6. Right click on game launched -> press launch using Radeon card (it will be worded similarly).
  7. I've looked, no option like the one you have described Sunius, on steam, the desktop or the .exe file.
  8. Do you have catalyst control center installed?
  9. Yes, but I did have to install it, didn't come with the laptop
  10. Last time I have encountered a problem like this I reinstalled windows and it helped. It will help and I suppose it's better than shooting in the dark. Sorry, but I'm stumped and I have no other ideas on how to solve it. I suppose the laptop is new? Then I guess you don't have much data you need to backup...
  11. Have you tried removing the display driver, all the amd programs, and then getting the latest drivers and software that enables the Amd cards?
  12. I will keep that in mind as a last resort, thanks Sunius.
    And selayan, I have looked for the driver on the AMD website but apparently (using the compatibility utility) the version of my graphics adapter is not supported. Could this be the issue?
  13. Was it this? Did you select the correct version OS such as 32 bit or 64?

    My guess if check device manager see if the radeon shows up there. If not, its most likely not functioning correctly and pc defaulted to Integrated.
  14. Yes it was that mobility driver verification tool, says its not supported, and yes, it is under the display adapters section of the device manager.
  15. I'm very confused as to why it would show up in device manager and not be used as primary. You need to install the ATI software. Download driver cleaner pro and uninstall anything ATI related. Run driver cleaner in save mode, then try downloading latest software for your card.
  16. I've managed to fix the issue. With the lastest CCC software there is a switchable graphics feature. The default is to run applications with the power saving GPU (the Intel HD) instead of the performance GPU (the Radeon).
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