Will Asus CG5270 run a EVGA Geforce GTX 560

Hey im looking to upgrade my current GPU which is a geforce gt 220 which is doing ok right now but I think I need a upgrade. I do not know to much about computers. I bought a computer called a Asus CG5270, everything else runs ok with it but I had a issue with the graphics card a while back but just want to replace it. I know I might need to upgrade some things on the computer to handle this GPU but I don't know what.

The current power supply I beileve can only handle 400 watts? Somthing very small so I would also appreciate some giving advice on what kind of power supply to buy.

Thanks! Leave any help you can give.
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  1. Hi

    What is your budget and do you need your pc for gaming?

  2. I think that CPU will bottleneck that GPU.

    - Fastreaction
  3. I don't think it will bottleneck. Read this article


  4. It will. He has a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300. The Phenom II955 BE (as mentioned in your article) is a lot better than his CPU.

    - Fastreaction
  5. So even if it would bottleneck, would it still be ok for me to purchase it then get a new CPU later? I have seen a lot of good reviews on the EVGA gtx 560 and I cannot afford both the CPU and GPU right now! Also thanks for all the reply's.
  6. Possible but you won't get full performance on your GPU and your CPU might get overloaded.

    - Fastreaction
  7. Ok, so if that GPU will not work do you have one in mind that would be a good upgrade from my current and will be compatible with my CPU? Also would it need a new power supply?
  8. Hmm that depends. What do you want to do on your pc? Heavy gaming or just normal server browsing, youtube etc.

    - Fastreaction
  9. Heavy gaming. Wow atleast on 60 FPS on decent settings thats about it.
  10. If you want heavy gaming I would suggest building a new PC. There is no way that upgrading 1 part will go from low end to high end, in the end it is a chain and you have to upgrade almost everything.

    - Fastreaction
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