Suggestions on GC for 1920x1080 res

okay so i am finally ready to get a new graphics card and need some advice. so here is my setup.
i have a 24 inch monitor at 1920x1080.

right now i am using an ATI radeon 5500 2gb DDR3.
while most games play nicely on medium settings i have some lag problems and slow down on some games when playing at this resolution and going on higher quality settings, also I'm experiencing noise problems on a few games.
a friend told me to check out the 7850. i am thinking of considering options as I really don't have much choices atm. The games I play are B3, D3 and will play GuildWars2 when it comes out. I can go for up to 250 bucks but I'd really appreciate it if I can save some.

my setup is an AMD Phen II X4 955 and 4gb ram, psu is 500W. Any help about this is much appreciated.
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    Well since you are within a budget, your best solution is the 7850 and you can grab good deals from newegg. You will see great improve in terms of gaming performance.

    P.S. You might consider changing your power supply in the near future.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. so the 7850 it is. Thanks for the advice, can't wait to try it out on the weekends :)
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