Extra jumper slots on liteon DVD drive

I just got a Liteon LTD-163 DVD drive and it has three spots for jumpers on the back besides just Master Slave and Cable select, so total it has spots for 6 jumpers.
I'm curious what these other jumpers do because they are not listed in the manual. I've heard you can enable ATA-66 for the hard drive. If you have any info I'd like to hear about what my new drive can do.
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  1. I know and see those slots your are talking about, but they are clearly not to be used by the end user. It doesn't tell you what they are on the metal about or in the intruction manual online. I do wonder what they use them to test though.
  2. I'm pretty sure its some experimental ATA-66 mode, but I would love to find out and enable it for my own testing
  3. the jumpers could have to do with the region code and the region lock of the drive. but don't know for sure.

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