I need help! How to connect multiple LAN switches in my home network

I want to hardwire internet to my wall mounted tv, receiver, Blu-ray player in one location, provide hardwire internet to my computer, OOMA VOIP phone, and D-Link Wifi router in another location, and allow for expansion into the basement.

My setup is as follows: Comcast cable modem router connects to a D-Link DGS-1005G (switch1) >> Switch1 is connected to Dell desktop computer, OOMA VOIP, and D-Link Wifi router. Cat5e running from switch1 to basement wiring control panel where it connects with another DGS-1005G (switch2). My intentions are I will eventually run a lead off switch2 for my basement tv and electronics. Cat5e from switch2 to another DGS-1005G (switch3) upstairs in my family room which is connected to a Blu-ray player, tv, and receiver.

Now the problem... The OOMA VOIP, Dell computer is functioning perfectly off switch1, but I can't get my living room electronics (on switch3) to recognize the internet connection. Do I need to use a static IP address? I am stepping out beyond my beginner knowledgebase right now.


(Switch1: VOIP, Wifi router, Dell computer)
(Switch2:basement tv)
(Switch3: TV, Blu-ray, receiver)
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  1. try this one:

  2. Emerald said:
    try this one:


    Pretty much this

    Or even

  3. Emerald said:
    try this one:


    It is an old wifi router that I only use for my kids iPods so I don't want to put the router in series of the internet connection. My modem and switches are capable of gigabit speed while the router is not. If I assign a static IP address to each switch would that take care of the problem?
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